We all have our favorite things and these are mine! I still draw with paper and pencil, but most of my work these days has been digital.

iPad Pro 12.9 — without exception, the iPad Pro is my main go-to for work. Drawing on it is a joy — once you get it set up to your liking. The M2 chip, combined with 16GB of RAM and 1T of storage makes a very powerful companion. It handles all of my illustration and writing tasks like the pro it is.

However, I will say the shiny glass screen is a non-starter. It really should come with a paper-like screen protector pre-installed.

Zugu Case — an expensive tool deserves protection. The case runs about $79 at Amazon, but sometimes goes on sale.

Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard — I hate on-screen keyboards. They take up valuable screen real estate that, on an iPad, you don’t have to spare. Whether I’m writing or drawing, the keyboard keeps the screen free of extra clutter. Unfortunately, the original Pebble keyboard isn’t available anymore (which is what I’m currently using), but if the updated version is as good as this one I’ll be upgrading soon. I really beat the hell out of it and am currently missing a key.

Pen.Tips 2+ & Magnetic screen protector — both items came from the same supplier, PenTips! I needed to do something, because my original apple pencil tip was so worn that the metal was showing through. Probably not an ideal situation, but after a year of heavy use, also not surprising. No matter how wonderful digital art is, it’s never quite the same as the real thing, so I try to find ways to make it as pleasant and “real-feel” as I can.

The silicone tips are really nice to work with and screen protector has enough “grab” that my Apple pencil doesn’t go sliding across the screen. Yet, the combo still leaves me with enough control to leave beautiful, clean lines behind. Feel free to use the discount code GAILBAKERNELSON to save 5%.

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